hawo hm 470 MS

Quickly graspable functions and thought through solutions make perfect

operation possible. There is room for up to three roll formats side by side. At insertion, the lm roll is automatically and exactly positioned. The cutting blade runs in a guiding pro le and is securely parked away from the cutting area. In addition, the devices can be fastened to the wall with a special mounting.



Impulse sealers for the packaging of sealable pouches and reels (SBS) in smaller medical institutions and tattoo studios. The devices satisfy the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute RKI. The hd 470 MS is our most economical bar sealers for the packaging of both sealable pouches and reels and thermoplastic lm thanks to the adjustable sealing timer. They are ideal suited for the use in smaller medical institutions in which no critical medical devices are intended to be used and in tattoo studios.