Autoclavable & EO Tapes

Amcor process indicator tape allows identification of processed from unprocessed items at a glance. The easily recognizable stripes change color when exposed to the specific sterilant, verifying exposure to the process without the need to open packs or check records.



  • The process indicator tape is designed to seal packs that are exposed to steam sterilization. The tape distinguishes between items processed and unprocessed in both gravity discharge and pre- vacuum steam sterilization
  • Designed for use in gravity sterilizers operating at 121˚C for 30 minutes or pre-vacuum sterilizers operating at 132˚C for 4 minutes and 135˚C for 3
  • Easy-to-handle, adheres on contact and stays in place through live steam After use, the tape removes quickly and completely.
  • Made of a saturated crepe paper printed with a lead-free ink, the green indicator lines turn black once exposed to steam It is coated with a synthetic elastomer adhesive.