The sheets can be sterilized with hot water (85 °C) or inline steam (125 °C). The water should be softened and free from impurities. Steam should be free of foreign particles and impurities.



Depth filter sheets are used in sheet filters. When inserting, the filter sheets must be handled with care to eliminate distortion or abrasion. Never use a damaged filter sheet. To ensure correct use, place the smooth side of the filter sheet against the filtration plate (i.e. downstream). The rough side of the filter sheet faces the liquid to be filtered (i.e upstream). Prior to first filtration it is recommended, where possible, to pre-rinse with 50 L/m2 of clean water at 1.25 times the flow rate. During pre-rinsing, check for leakage and re-tighten if necessary. A pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is required to allow flow. The filters are exhausted when the differential pressure exceeds a given value (1 to 2.5 bar, depending upon porosity and application). With certain applications it is possible for the filter sheets to be regenerated. Please refer to the special instructions for the handling of depth filter sheets.